We’re looking for some wonderful humans to represent Vagabond Denim - wear for the wanderers. Vagabond Denim is designed to be practical wear for everyday use that showcases artisans from around the world as a way to connect all human beings. We focus on being kind to other humans, kind to our environment through utilizing vintage denim as often as possible, and kind to our artisans by sourcing fair trade.

Our ambassadors will be:

  • Kind. Above all else, kindness is a life-changing and undervalued quality.

  • Positive and flexible. As a new brand, we need our ambassadors to be understanding of Vagabond Denim, and of others.

  • People who take dope pictures. We’re looking for people who live their best lives and who can try to capture a small snippet of their awesomeness in some top-notch pictures.

  • Active. Actively participating in the brand, in social media, and in engaging others to introduce them to Vagabond Denim.

  • BONUS AMBASSADORS: More than 12,000 followers on Instagram + 4% engagement

Please come join our little family!



This is the good stuff. As an ambassador for Vagabond Denim, you can enjoy:

- 10% off coupon for your friends

- 30% off of your first item ordered then 20% off for each additional item you order

- For every 15 people that use your code, you can earn a free jacket or item of your choice (including custom orders!) (excluding Pangaea Denim Jacket)

- OR for every 25 people that use your code, you can earn a free Pangaea Denim jacket

- FEATURES FEATURES FEATURES - we cannot wait to showcase you!

- If you qualify as a BONUS ambassador you will receive your first jacket free.

Apply to be an Ambassador

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2-3 sentences should do wonderfully
I qualify as a BONUS ambassador
Instagram requirements: 12,000 followers + 4% engagement
We will respond to you via email if chosen. Thank you so much for the love and support!