Mecca Black Denim Jacket

Mecca Black Denim Jacket


This fabric hails from the beautiful, cultural, and historic Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Limited edition, hand cut and sewn fabric adorns the perfect premium vintage black wash denim jacket. Guys, if you’re wondering what to wear this with, the answer is: your favorite pair of jeans and a perfect, plain tee. Super casual with a pop of rusty red color, this jacket will ensure endless compliments.

The back panel of the jacket, along with two front panels, plus the pockets and inside of the sleeves are all lined with fabric. Machine washable for your convenience (let’s be real, who separates laundry?!). Each jacket is individual and specially curated. Get it before it’s gone!

#vagabonddenim for features.

As always, 20% goes back to feeding the hungry in Honduras.

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