Vagabond Denim Gives Back

Vagabond Denim is committed to giving back to our community in three ways - through increased eco-sustainability by using vintage and thrifted denim jackets, by using embroidered textiles sourced fair trade (always), and by giving back to meet the need of the hungry in the Honduras.


I Was Hungry


What is I was Hungry?

I was Hungry is a non-profit program run through Central Jersey COC that gives 100% of donations directly to individuals or families who cannot meet their needs in the Honduras. No admin fees. No transfer fees. Every month, families or individuals who qualify for the program receive $44 in addition to their own monthly wages, which allows them to travel to and from work, buy necessary groceries or medication, and provide for their children as needed. This few dollars per month allows people to meet the needs and the difference between what they earn and what they need to live.

Families and individuals that qualify for I was Hungry must be involved in their communities. To receive funding, they must also be giving back. Additionally, qualifying members must be actively seeking employment or already employed. Finally, as a life-changing skill set, those who qualify take English speaking classes, which increases their ability to be employed and value by more than double.

Each month, families and individuals report back and hold a personal relationship with individuals that donate to I was Hungry. As one can imagine, each letter received is deeply personal and full of gratitude and joy.


To those in need

Just know that as you purchase items from Vagabond Denim, 20% of proceeds go to I was Hungry. We believe that it is important to practice the kindness you wish you see in the world. Plus, look at these little faces of joy.