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Textiles from around the world.

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Art for your everyday.

Early 2018, a small idea was born: how to wear beautiful textile art found around the world? Vagabond Denim is the culmination of the beautiful tapestries, fabrics, and textiles found in the corners of the world, and your very favorite denim, so that you too, can wear artisans of the earth.

Starting with the region of Oaxaca, Mexico, Vagabond Denim begins with the brightly colored, embroidered floral textiles native to that region and gives your favorite well-worn, vintage denim jacket, just the pop of color it’s been waiting for.


The Vision.

The vision here is to take art and make it wearable. And on a bigger picture: to create opportunity for fair trade manufacturing with men and women around the world, using vintage and recycled denim to keep the earth as sustainable as we can, and to be kind to all humans.