Oaxaca Custom Denim Jacket

Oaxaca Custom Denim Jacket


Embroidered in the Oaxaca region of Mexico, these brightly colored and thoughtfully chosen, hand embroidered and sewn jackets are inviting others to notice your keen eye and unique taste. Each back of the jacket is absolutely individual, maintaining different bright floral patterns and color variations. Small tassels can be found lining the design on either side of the jacket.

Canvas will be white, denim shade, & fit are available for request upon placing item in cart.

Machine wash cold with dark colors.

**PLEASE NOTE due to demand and volume, your jacket may take up to 5-10 business days to create & ship**

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How to buy: Vintage vs. NEW Trucker Style

If you choose a vintage denim jacket - yay! This makes your jacket totally & uniquely you. No two jackets will be the same and you can consider yourself eco-friendly and sustainable! Please note: other than stating a shading preference - fit and brand are completely subject to availability.

If you choose a NEW Trucker Style - you fashionista! You know what you want - and that is the seemingly lived in, super comfy, ever-flattering trucker style denim jacket - think Levi’s! (A lifetime favorite). We promise to send you a trucker style jacket - brand new (probably from Levi’s or equivalent value).