{YOUR} Oaxaca Denim Jacket

{YOUR} Oaxaca Denim Jacket


Embroidered in the Oaxaca region of Mexico, these brightly colored and thoughtfully chosen, hand embroidered and sewn jackets invite others to notice your keen eye and unique taste. Each back of the jacket is absolutely individual with different, bright floral patterns and color variants. Along the edge, small tassels can be found lining the design on either side of the jacket.

All canvas backgrounds will be either white or black

Please remember black textiles are best dry cleaned.

Machine was cold with dark colors.

Color Canvas:
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If you have your own favorite vintage jacket please send it in! Let’s make your jacket uniquely you by adding the Oaxaca textile. Upon purchasing this option, a form will be sent with the address to mail your favorite denim jacket to so we can get started making it your new (or old!) favorite. You just get shipping on the way here, don’t worry about the way back - shipping is included in the price for your convenience.